College Success & YOU: First-Year Experience Program: Read, Discuss, Interact: Succeed

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College Success

 & YOU: Achieving Your Goals is a comprehensive guide to success for students in first-year experience or other college orientation and success courses. This program combines expert guidance and instructional support with applications to realistic scenarios students are likely to face during their college years.

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The College Success & YOU program contains a number of valuable features for both students and instructors. From the Interactive eBook App to the wide-ranging discussion boards, students and instructors will have all of the tools they need to get the most out of their classroom experience.

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Join the Discussion

First-year experience students have the opportunity to interact with peers from their own university and from across the country. By joining the discussion, students can get advice on a College Success & YOU topic, see how other students have handled a difficult situation, or broaden their social and career networks.

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