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College Success & YOU: Achieving Your Goals was written by Doctors Malcolm Kahn and Sue Kahn, two first-year experience experts. Not only have the authors been college freshmen themselves, they have also helped thousands of students navigate the transition from high school to college. Malcolm and Sue worked together to assemble their knowledge and experiences into this guide designed to help college students succeed during, and long after, their first year of college. College Success & YOU: Achieving Your Goals is part of the andYOU.com series of books published by Larson Texts, Inc.

Notes from the Authors

For the Teacher

Regardless of their background, new students transitioning to college confront an array of often bewildering challenges. Many of today's students have been away from school for several years, juggle a full-time or part-time job, have major family responsibilities, and have difficulty adjusting to the campus or classroom. College Success & YOU: Achieving Your Goals is designed to help you help your students overcome these kinds of obstacles and achieve success.

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We have synthesized our knowledge of how challenges evolve for new college students into a didactically meaningful structure for the text. The Introduction provides an icebreaker so new students can meet one another. It also sets the tone for the rest of the book by familiarizing students with the concepts of goal setting, the themes of positive psychology, and the importance of taking personal responsibility. The chapters are categorized into sequential units (The Discovery Experience and You, The Learning Experience and You, The Personal Experience and You, The Social Experience and You, and The Planning Experience and You) which represent the natural unfolding of challenges faced by new college students, from their initial feelings of uncertainty to the anticipation of their sophomore, junior, senior (and beyond) years. Since students develop best through a positive framework, we have infused this text with positive psychology, explaining how students can apply their personal strengths and potential to achieving their college goals.

Our textbook offers a variety of pedagogical aids to enhance student learning and your instructional efforts. Since students learn best through a structured approach, each chapter presents a consistent chapter format. The units and chapters are designed to be interchangeable, allowing for your ability to organize the course to represent your preferred sequence and to accommodate the specific needs of any class. The chapter activities target college success with pragmatic content and feature creative, engaging, active learning components. The varied and engaging exercises can be used both in your classroom and as homework assignments. These activities and exercises tap all the levels of Bloom's taxonomy as well as key learning styles. The layout of each chapter (including the cartoons, photos, charts, graphs) enhances and extends the contents of the chapter. We are confident that along with your guidance, students who conscientiously read, understand, and apply the concepts contained within these chapters will succeed in achieving their college goals.

For the Student

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Welcome to college! We hope you are enjoying your new campus and all that it offers. However, we realize just how challenging it can be for you to settle in. When we started college ourselves, we felt a little lost and had a lot of doubts. But we stuck with it until we figured out what we had to do to succeed. Throughout our careers, we figured it out a lot more through teaching and counseling hundreds of new students. In this book, we share with you many useful strategies and techniques to help you succeed in college. We are certain that if you conscientiously read this text and complete the exercises, you will figure it out, too.

As we prepared to write this textbook, we asked new students to list the issues that challenged them the most during their first month of college. Their leading concerns included getting enough sleep, managing money, getting along with roommates, and taking time to study. We cover those important topics in great depth in this book. If any of these issues are plaguing you right now, you can learn strategies to handle them by locating their page number in the Index and reading ahead.

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That's true for other topics as well. In fact, we believe that this book can serve as a reference throughout your college years and beyond for such practical topics as preparing for a job interview, managing time, speaking in front of a group, resolving conflicts, and implementing a budget.

Despite the challenges, most of us who attended college in the past envy your current status as a new student and the exciting journey that you will take. We wrote this book to help you succeed in your journey. We are cheering for you. If you read, understand, and apply the concepts in the chapters, we are confident you will achieve your college goals. 

About the Authors

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Malcolm Kahn, Ph.D., ABPP

Malcolm is an expert in the personal adjustment factors that can help new students succeed. He gained this expertise predominantly through counseling hundreds of new students at the University of Miami as well as teaching first-year experience and psychology classes. In his role as Director of the University of Miami Counseling Center, Malcolm arranged many outreach programs targeting first-year students. Malcolm earned a B.A. in psychology from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. A clinical psychologist, board certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology, Malcolm is a Life Fellow of the Society for Personality Assessment and Fellow of the Academy of Clinical Psychology. He has served on the Governing Board of the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors.

Sue Kahn, Ph.D.

Sue is an experienced professor, researcher, and author of issues central to the success of new college students. In her position at Miami-Dade College, Sue has specialized in teaching reading skills, English, and study skills to an at-risk diverse student population. She has presented numerous papers at professional organizations, including the International Reading Association, the Florida Reading Association, and the Florida Developmental Education Association. Sue earned a B.A. and M.A. in English from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and a Ph.D. in reading and learning disabilities from the University of Miami. In addition to publishing research articles, Sue co-authored a textbook for underprepared college students, College Reading Skills and Strategies, published by St. Martin’s Press.

This book had its beginnings with our individual experiences counseling first-year university students with adjustment problems and teaching at-risk new community college students. Over the dinner table, we had many conversations about what was and was not working for our students and about how we could help them succeed. Our discussions led us to insights into the practical steps new students can take to adapt both personally and academically to the demands of college. A few years ago, our conversations turned to the idea of sharing our accumulated knowledge and understanding with a broader population of first-year students. We realized that the combination of our experiences in counseling and teaching along with our academic backgrounds produced the perfect fit to write a textbook aimed at helping first-year students succeed.

Brief Table of Contents

IThe Discovery Experience and You  
 Chapter 1Understanding the College Scene: Right from the Start1
 Chapter 2Becoming Familiar with Campus Resources20
IIThe Learning Experience and You  
 Chapter 3Managing Your Time: A "Positive" Approach47
 Chapter 4Getting the Most Out of Your Textbooks: Reading, Studying, and Remembering73
 Chapter 5Learning Styles in the Classroom: Listening, Taking Notes, and Participating103
 Chapter 6Succeeding on Exams132
 Chapter 7Researching and Writing an Academic Paper: An Introduction161
IIIThe Personal Experience and You  
 Chapter 8Money Matters: Gaining Financial Literacy191
 Chapter 9Keeping Healthy and Safe220
 Chapter 10Adjusting Emotionally251
IVThe Social Experience and You  
 Chapter 11Developing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships through Positive Communication276
 Chapter 12Appreciating Diversity303
VThe Planning Experience and You  
 Chapter 13Selecting a Major and Identifying a Potential Career325
 Chapter 14Preparing to Move Forward353

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