Program Features

Online Features

Premium Interactive eBook App

eBook App

The Premium Interactive eBook App for College Success & YOU ensures that students have all of the resources they need to succeed right at their fingertips. The Premium Interactive eBook App allows each student to make the text his or her own and take it with them wherever they go. Students can save their notes for every page, highlight important content, bookmark sections, and use Embedded Tools and Website Links. Students can also receive immediate feedback on the Can You Recall It? questions and selected Exercises from the textbook. They can download many of the Exercises and Activities from the textbook to simplify homework and test preparation.

Discussion Boards

Students can interact with their peers from their own college and from across the country by participating in the College Success & YOU discussion board. Students can share experiences, compare class notes, and receive additional assurance that they are not the only ones going through the challenges associated with the transition to college.

Textbook Features

End of Chapter Activities

There are seven types of End of Chapter Activities, each designed with a specific purpose.

  • Critical Thinking:  The authors present five thought-provoking questions which ask the student to apply an active evaluation of information using careful, thoughtful, and reasoned judgments. Faculty members and prospective employers highly value critical thinking ability.
  • Online Learning:  Taking an online class requires different attitudes and behaviors when compared to a traditional classroom setting. In Online Learning, the authors provide information to assist distance learners with managing the unique challenges they face.
  • Chapter Challenge:  Each Chapter Challenge presents a case study of a first-year student facing a specific dilemma. For example, in Chapter 4, Amy is unsure how to manage the impossibly heavy reading load in her history and biology classes. After reading the background and description of the student’s challenge, each student will be asked a series of questions pertaining to possible solutions.
  • Key Chapter Strategies:  This section presents a brief list summarizing the major tips for success covered in the given chapter.
  • Can You Recall It?:  These eight-item fill-in-the-blank quizzes allow students to assess themselves to make sure they understand the major concepts presented in a chapter.
  • Web Activity:  Students will be asked to research the Internet to find resources about topics covered in a chapter. This will assist with research skills which are vital to success in an academic setting.
  • Reflection Time:  Reflection Time poses questions for introspection. Each student will analyze his or her own unique attitudes and behaviors and write responses to the reflection questions as if he or she were writing in a journal.

Table of Contents

The chapters are sequenced five units that unfold in the same manner a typical first-year student would encounter each experience.

  • The Discovery Experience and You
  • The Learning Experience and You
  • The Personal Experience and You
  • The Social Experience and You
  • The Planning Experience and You

PDF Table of Contents View the full College Success &YOU Table of Contents in PDF format

Positive Approach

The authors have infused College Success & YOU with a positive psychology theme to call attention to each student’s personal strengths. Rather than focusing on a student’s weaknesses, the positive psychology approach emphasizes self-esteem, optimism, success, and happiness.


Each chapter begins with a few major goals that the student can achieve through the chapter’s content and his or her work in the classroom and with the instructor.

Self Assessments

College Success & YOU includes a wide variety of Self-Assessment activities to engage each student in understanding his or her current status on the covered topics. For example, in Chapter 12, students will explore diversity by finding out how similar or different they are when compared to their best friends.

Teacher Features

Instructor's Manual and Test Bank

Image of Professor

The Instructor's Manual and Test Bank provides activities, journal questions, discussion topics, case studies, links to relevant videos and a number of multiple-choice, true-false, matching, short answer, and essay questions for every chapter in the book.

Annotated Instructor's Edition

The Annotated Instructor's Edition is the complete Student Edition of the textbook with additional side-column notes to the instructor. These notes discuss the rationale of the material, extra assignments, alerts, activities, and discussion topics. This edition also provides answers to applicable exercises and features are provided.